Shadows And Surprises

Get outside and look and listen, observe in every way that you can and be surprised!  You never know what you might discover: the scent of leaves in early decay, a 'cloud smile', a startlingly tiny leaf, the shadow cast by a familiar tree, all are waiting for you!

Other opportunities for discovery include:

Bird Migration!  
Here's the BirdCast.  
Take note of the birds near you - are you noticing any winter birds?  (Personally, I am looking forward to the return of the Buffleheads.) 
Here are some upcoming bird walks: 
Sparrows on Staten Island - Saturday
Hawk Watch in Queens - Saturday
Bryant Park Birding - Monday morning

Mushroom Foraging!
The New York Mycological Society has upcoming walks- including one on Saturday on Randall's Island - go join them!   

Leaf Peeping!  If you are in the New York City area come on out for  an upcoming session of Become an Ace Leaf Peeper and explore the slowly changing leaves!  

If you can't make it to class, here's an assignment for you: take two fallen leaves from the same tree (let proximity to the tree be your guide) and look at those leaves for a few minutes and note how they are different.  Maybe you will draw them as well.  Now keep visiting that tree every day for a week.  Look for more leaves, make more notes.  Keep looking, keep noticing.

Be curious and have fun outside!

"There is something even in the lapse of time by which time recovers itself."  - Henry David Thoreau