Harvest Moon!

Go outside tonight and bask in the light of the Harvest Moon!  What else to do?  Look for acorns, marvel at raptors, listen for blue jays, and read a poem about a favorite National Park!  

Raptors on the wing!
Hawk Watch in Staten Island on Saturday
Falconry at Wave Hill on Monday
Birdwatching with Brooklyn Bird Club on Sunday at Ridgewood Reservoir.

Row Around Manhattan - yes, it is an island!  Look for a human powered boats plying the waters around Manhattan on Saturday.

Look for acorns!  When you do find acorns look a little further around.  What else do you see?  Do you hear the call of a blue jay?  They are quite fond of acorns, so listen closely.  

Leaf Peeping!  If you are in the New York City area and are eager to get a jump on your local leaf peeping sign up for an upcoming session of Become an Ace Leaf Peeper!  Also consider the charms (and flavors!) of the acorn with Only Oaks and Eating Acorns.

Finally, take a moment to read a poem (or two) from the Imagine Our Parks with Poems project.

"A thing is right that tends to increase the integrity, stability, and beauty of the land, and its wrong if it tends otherwise."
– Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac